How to Tick an Actor in the in-engine viewport in Unreal with Blueprints

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Here’s how to keep an actor updated in the UE4 viewport in-engine:

Create a new Blueprint Interface called BPI_EditorTick and add the Function EditorTick
Create a new Blueprint from the Parent Class Editor Utility Actor called BP_EditorTicker

Enable these in the Class Defaults:
• Allow Tick Before Begin Play
• Tick Even when Paused
• Is Editor Only Actor

Set up your Constructor in BP_EditorTicker as such with the desired tick rate float variable:
I’d recommend a value of 30-60 for the TickRatePerSecond variable

Open up the actor you want to tick in the editor viewport then add a Child Actor Component in your Constructor of the newly created class BP_EditorTicker

Implement the BPI_EditorTick interface under Class Settings -> Interfaces -> Implemented Interfaces -> Add

In the EventGraph, you will now be able to add the event Editor Tick

NOTICE: There’s no way to disable it at the moment and every reconstruct starts a new tick timer. I will update the guide soon to include setting, clearing and invalidating a timer so the system doesn’t malfunction on reconstructing the ticking Actor.